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Etude House

is a South Korean cosmetics that develops high quality skincare and cosmetic products at affordable prices. Created with young women in mind, the brand offers a wide colour palette and whimsical packaging that call to the young women's sweet and romantic nature.


Black Rouge

is a makeup brand that is well-known for their lip products. BLACK ROUGE boasts a wide range of cosmetics in an array of color choices and  fancy packaging. With its affordable prices, makes it perfect for everyday use. BLACK ROUGE’s bestselling items include the Air Fit Velvet Tint, Up & Down Triple Shading and Cotton Lip Color.

3ce-logo white.png

3CE  StyleNanda

Launched by StyleNanda, one of the biggest Korean Online fashion shopping mall. 3 CONCEPT EYES (also known as 3CE) is a South Korean cosmetics brand with a unique philosophy. The brand's name is based on the idea of three kinds of attractive eyes. Catering to the confident and modern woman, 3CE's makeup uses a primary color palette of pink, orange and beige, which are versatile enough to suit different skin tones. 


is the little sister brand of Clio Cosmetics / Club Clio, targeting the younger consumer market with a more ‘fun’ range and a strapline of ‘instant make-up'. It appeals to consumers with its makeup collections emphasizing bright lip, eye and nail colors that hint at romance. The eye-catching hues are complemented by equally color-saturated and youthful packaging.




Stylized as rom&nd, South Korea-based cosmetics brand Romand was founded with the input of adding chic to your beauty arsenal. It has become every K-beautyholic's favorite ever since its debut on the K-beauty market. Romand's cosmetics feature a wide range of stunning K-beauty products that are chic, unique, and extremely Instagrammable.  You can indulge in the many alluring lipstick shades of Romand Juicy Lasting Tint or find your signature shine from the Romand Eye Shadow collection. 

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