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Welcome to Encolour


My name is Charlie, and I’ve helped develop the Encolour website for the past months. We’re so excited for it to be launched and ready!

The founder of Encolour has been my good friend since high school, and I’m so happy to be able to help. We’ve bonded over a love of Kpop and Korean culture years ago, and so when she asked me to help, I couldn’t say no. When I was younger I would watch Kpop music videos all day, and eventually got interested in other facets of Korean culture too. This eventually turned into an interest in K-beauty.

After my cousin got me my first cushion foundation, I wanted more. I tried out so much Korean skincare and make-up, and I was hooked. I thought the formulas were so special, and different to western beauty products. Many stores close to me would charge high prices, and shipping from far away would take months. Luckily, my dear friend started her webshop, and now getting these special lip formulas is easier than it’s ever been!

Korean lip products come in so many innovative formulas, so it took me a while to find what I like. I found that some tints stuck to my dry lips strangely, and the sweet taste of other tints was sometimes a bit overwhelming. But after trying many different tints I’ve learned what I like and gained some useful knowledge along the way! My personal favorite are the 3ce velvet lip tints, which we sell at Ecolour. It’s comfortable, fades nicely, and comes in a wide range of colours. The range offers soft hues for everyday wear, and bright pops of colour for a statement look. Taupe and Persistence are the ones I have in my make-up bag.

That’s all for now, but you’ll hear more from me soon, as I’ll be writing more blogs for Encolour, full of inspo, reviews, and other fun stuff!

Thanks for reading and see you at the next post~


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